Spoonbill Sponsor

Contribution of $1500

The roseate spoonbill was almost extinct by the mid-twentieth century, they were over hunted in the late 1800s when their bright plumes sold for $2 each to be used as hand fans. But, thanks to the invention of electric fans, the bird is bouncing back quite strongly. The colorful pink roseate spoonbill is unquestionably the emblematic bird of Florida.

Your company’s name and logo will be displayed for 1 year:

  • on the sponsor section of womenonthebeach.org— boldly listed with a direct link to your site as well as monthly shout-outs on our Facebook page.
  • on our tables at any community events at which WoB has a presence.
  • on the marketing material for our WoB Worthy Days of Adventure, i.e., activity station signs (river and ocean), main sponsor boards, event tickets,
    brochures and invitations.

Needless to say, we will “word of mouth” your generosity to every one we are related to, work with, grew up with, friended on face book, and even met for the first time! Plus we’ll create something extra crafty for you to hang in your office to match the
personalized driftwood framed thank-you!