Entrepreneurship begins by having an idea that solves a problem. And our local youth are filled with ideas. They post them on their Facebook walls, tweet them to their followers and flash steady glimpses of them on their Instagram.

Women on the Beach, Inc. wants to tempt them into taking action. We want to inspire them to take their fresh ideas and open viewpoints and apply them to helping their local economy succeed.

This is the perfect time for young people to succeed, because no matter where they are on the economic or education ladder, the internet has collapsed the barriers of the past and a wealth of advice, support, education, and even potential partners are at their fingertips.

As a community, we give hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to high school graduates in the form of college scholarships. And yet, how much of that investment actually comes back home? How many of our young adults are given just enough to get in that first year and then realize they can’t afford another year and either drop out with feelings of failure or end up graduating with a huge burden of debt?

Even worse, how many of our brightest do fabulously well and leave to work for another business in another community far from home because there are no job opportunities for them here?

Women on the Beach, Inc. is dedicated to giving seed money to a young local entrepreneur each year. A small investment, in hopes of a larger payoff—a successful business person who is committed to staying local, hiring local and donating local. We hope to inspire a community to work together to make sure that paradise will be a place that our children’s children will call “home.”