Women on the Beach (WOB), Inc. is a sisterhood of valiant women whose love for Florida’s Treasure Coast brings them together through scholarship and adventure to support, promote and invest in education and economic development that directly enhances generational appreciation and conservation of our resources.


We are five very different women living in the Vero Beach, Florida area. We range in age from 23 to 70-ish. We all work full time, volunteer in our communities, support our families and help our friends and neighbors. Our backgrounds include education, local government, military service, social work, design, the fine arts, theater, physical fitness, sales, accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing, and business administration.


To bring women of Florida’s Treasure Coast together through scholarship and adventure to solicit and provide funds, services, contributions, and in-kind contributions for the purpose of creating business development awards for High School graduates and programs that support local entrepreneurship for those who may or may not be college bound.

To develop and maintain a consortium of local business owners and service providers that will participate in workshops created for the educational support and development of the business plans of the prospective grantees.

To support, promote and invest in multi-generational education that will increase appreciation of and participation with area resources.

To support, promote and create awareness of the benefits of our local businesses being environmentally and socially responsible.

Meet the Founders


BETH CASANO is WoB’s local jack-of-all trades - looking for the next master-of-one


JULIE TINSLEY is WoB’s active listener and explorer - looking for the next adventurer.


PATTY VAUGHN is WoB’s in-house brush of color and laughter— looking for the next inspiration.


RISA RADECKE is WoB’s defender of loyalty and hard work - looking for the next go-getter.


KATHRYN (CASANO) RADECKE is WoB’s balancer of good deeds and business—looking for the next investment.